How to respond to the People's Plan for Nature

The People's Plan for Nature is a world-first - a vision for the future of nature in the UK, and the actions we must all take to protect and renew it. Whether you are a government body, organisation, business big or small, a community network or charity, we can all take action to protect and renew the nature on which we all depend. 

All organisations can take action to help implement the recommendations in the plan. We invite you to reflect on what you can do and share your response to the People's Plan.

Your response can be detailed, or it can hone in on a single action. It can be brief at first, and build as your discussions grow. Your response can take any form that suits your organisation, whether it's a written response, a video, a podcast, or an online forum discussion. It's up to you.

Together, people in the UK are standing up for nature. Sharing responses openly helps businesses, politicians, policy makers and the public hold each other to account.

How to get started

Participants of the People's Assembly for Nature listen to a presentation

Read the People's Plan for Nature!

Consider which of the plan's calls to action are applicable to your organisation. Which of the calls to action are particularly important to your members, customers, communities or supporters? 

Identify any calls to action that you're already delivering on through your organisation and make sure to celebrate these.

Once you know which calls to action you want to respond to, you can consider the following questions to start shaping your response.

Example questions to help develop your response

Participants of the People's Assembly for Nature in discussion Which calls to action do you want to respond to?

 What does this mean for your staff, organisation, customers, members and supporters?

 Do you already deliver against any of the calls to action from the People's Plan for Nature?

 Are you already empowering your communities, members, customers or supporters to protect and care for nature locally?

 Are there any actions that you're going to start  taking as a result of the People's Plan for Nature? 

 How will you start to take those actions?

 You might feel that some recommendations should  be delivered by other organisations, businesses, or policy makers - how could your organisation help get them on board?

 Find examples of responses that have already  been published here

How to use your response

Participants of the People's Assembly for Nature in discussion

There is a clear public mandate for action to renew nature in the UK. Your response makes you part of that movement and adds to the growing number of organisations who are holding themselves to account on what they can and will do to address the nature crisis. 

Your response can work for you in a range of ways:

  • Contributing tobuilding your nature-positive strategy
  • Informing your business transition plans and sustainability strategies
  • Offering opportunities for media coverage, content creation, internal and external communications, annual reports or your AGM
  • Supporting your advocacy work on key areas

Sharing your response


Sharing your response to the plan makes a difference. It contributes to the unstoppable public mandate for change and action. It also inspires others to consider what role they can plan in making recommendations in the plan a reality. 

Share your response online using #PeoplesPlanforNature.