People's Assembly for Nature

First weekend

(11 - 13 November 2022)

Participants were introduced to the concept of how a Citizen’s Assembly works, what to expect from the four weekends and what will happen to the People’s Plan for Nature as a result of their time and commitment to the project. 

People's Assembly for Nature

Second weekend

(3 - 4 December 2022)

Participants continued to explore the historical, current and future extents of UK habitats and species and how these interface with human activity.

People's Assembly for Nature

Third weekend

(14 - 15 January 2023)

Building on the previous weekend, the discussion will deepen on how we use the land, fresh water and sea to meet our basic needs, with a particular focus on food production.

People's Assembly for Nature

Fourth and final weekend

(3 - 5 February 2023)

The final weekend will focus on deliberation and discussion – having received substantial amounts of detail and developed proposed actions, the assembly members refine the final outputs for the People’s Plan for Nature.

Advisory Group meeting notes

The Advisory Group meets four times across the assembly period to provide a strategic direction for the content and design of the assembly, ensuring impartiality.

Stakeholder Briefing Videos

The stakeholder briefings provide an overview of the assembly process