People's Assembly for Nature - First weekend

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What is Nature and Why Protect it?

11 - 13 November 2022, Birmingham

During this first weekend, participants were introduced to the concept of a Citizen’s Assembly - how it works, what to expect from the four weekends and what will happen to the People’s Plan for Nature as a result of their time and commitment to the project.

On Saturday, assembly participants heard an overview of nature - what it is and why it matters. They discovered the drivers behind biodiversity loss and how these have impacted nature in the UK. They were also introduced to the main ‘actors’ (e.g. Government, industry, NGOs) that the People’s Plan will create recommendations for, to understand who is responsible for addressing nature loss. 

On Sunday, assembly participants heard about long-term thinking to help introduce the concept of environmental stewardship for generations to come and they listened to an overview of the solutions we have to the nature crisis. Finally, fairness, equity and a just transition were discussed to ensure that assembly members consider the impacts and consequences of their choices on people and livelihoods in the coming weeks.

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First weekend - Speakers

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