People’s Assembly for Nature

The People's Plan for Nature will include recommendations for governments (local and national), food and farming businesses, non-governmental organisations, communities, and individuals.
These recommendations will be the outcome of the People’s Assembly for Nature, a citizens’ assembly that will run as part of the project. This assembly will bring together a group of people from all walks of life to have an honest conversation, find common ground and make recommendations for the protection and restoration of nature in the UK.
This will ensure the People's Plan for Nature is rooted in the values, ideas and experiences of people from all corners of the UK.

What happens during the assembly?

What is the People’s Assembly for Nature and how will it work?

The People’s Assembly for Nature is a citizens’ assembly and will bring together a broadly representative group of 100 people from across the country. These people will then work together through a few key stages to reach a shared conclusion. They will:

  • Learn in depth about the topic from a variety of experts and witnesses
  • Discuss the issue with their fellow assembly members, that have different backgrounds, values and experiences
  • Be part of facilitated discussions to reach a set of recommendations about what needs to be done. 

Those involved will meet over the course of four weekends, two in person in Birmingham and two online, between November 2022 and February 2023.

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What will happen as a result of the Assembly?

The overall impact of the People’s Plan for Nature will be to look at the role we can all play in protecting and restoring nature in the UK. As part of this, the Assembly will develop recommendations for:

  • Government (local and national)
  • Food and farming businesses
  • Non-governmental organisations, including charities
  • Communities and individuals 

These recommendations will then feed into the final People’s Plan for Nature, which will be live by spring 2023. We will then work with those above to respond to and act upon the recommendations put forward by the Assembly, pushing all to take action and deliver the social, political and economic changes needed to address the nature and climate crises.

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First Weekend- 11th- 13th November 2022

During this first weekend, participants were introduced to the concept of how a Citizen’s Assembly works, what to expect from the four weekends and what will happen to the People’s Plan for Nature as a result of their time and commitment to the project. 

Please follow the link below for more information on the first weekend and to view the speaker presentations.

Weekend one overview and presentations