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A UK citizen’s assembly on nature gives us hope, but can we really change? | Sara Hudston | The Guardian

Being part of the People’s Plan for Nature, it was illuminating to see how people could reach consensus

Nature should be prioritised in public decision-making... | Daily Mail Online

Nature should be included in all public decision-making and its recovery should be prioritised in farming, a new citizens’ assembly has concluded.

Citizens demand British rivers are returned to their natural state (thetimes.co.uk)

A citizens' assembly says that all commercial and policy decisions should factor in their impact on nature

How David Attenborough inspired UK People's Plan for Nature | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

Sir David Attenborough’s latest nature documentary series, Wild Isles, has inspired a campaign called People’s Plan for Nature in the UK, which includes 26 actions needed urgently to reverse the decline of the natural world.

Nature should be prioritised in public decision-making and farming, says panel | The Independent

A citizens’ assembly of 100 people has set out a list of urgent recommendations for the recovery of nature in the UK.

Food at heart of People’s Plan for Nature - Foodservice Footprint

A national conversation is needed to educate people on the impact of our food choices on nature and health, according to a new citizen-led report.

Five people from Northern Ireland involved in first ever UK-wide citizens' assembly for nature - The Irish News

The representatives from the north were involved in the People’s Plan for Nature to agree a shared vision on how to renew and protect nature.

“No more harm to nature”: citizens’ assembly… | Oxford Martin School

The first ever UK-wide citizens’ assembly for nature has today published its recommendations for renewing and protecting our natural environment, calling for urgent and immediate action from every part of society.

Members of the public produce first People’s Plan for Nature - British Ecological Society

Siobhan Vye of the RSPB and BES Policy Committee tells us about the People’s Plan for Nature, a plan launched today and written by members of the public to protect and restore nature in the UK.

Ade Adepitan urges action so children grow up in a world rich with nature - Mirror Online

THE Save Our Wild Isles campaign is calling on the public to show their love of nature by committing to “Go Wild Once A Week”. It could also mean adding your voice to the People’s Plan For Nature.

Northern Irish folks call for 'no more harm to nature' at pioneering UK Citizens Assembly - Belfast Live

"I'd like to see nature improved so that it would improve our lives"

Cel Spellman: Why I’m trying to get young people excited about nature (prospectmagazine.co.uk)

 This spring he has been supporting the People’s Plan for Nature manifesto that the WWF and other wildlife NGOs jointly published in March 2023. It is based on a citizen’s assembly, and sets out what politicians need to do to protect and restore habitats and species in the UK before it is too late.   

Get outside for your health and happiness - nature has the power to heal - Mirror Online

This year, a group of 103 people from around the UK have come together to change things. They are part of a pioneering citizens’ assembly that, together with thousands of suggestions from the public, has written the UK’s first ever People’s Plan for Nature.

Experiencing a citizens’ assembly: building the People’s Plan for Nature - Extinction Rebellion

Rebecca came to speak at The Big One about her experience being a member of the citizens’ assembly for the People’s Plan for Nature. Here Rebecca shares with us her personal experience of what is was like to be part of a citizens’ assembly.



"Most UK adults think nature is in urgent need of protection – poll" - The Guardian

YouGov survey for major charities finds 81% believe wildlife and environment are under threat.

"End to EU laws, mini-budget and farming review an ‘attack on nature’" - The Independent

“We’re talking about the biggest attack on nature in a generation,” said RSPB’s director of policy and advocacy.

"UK wildlife charities hatch plan to pressure Government on environmental protection" - Edie

The National Trust, the RSPB, and WWF have joined forces with celebrity champions Maisie Williams and Cel Spellman to launch the People’s Plan for Nature, a national rallying cry for the public to have its say on how to respond to the ecological crisis.

"Conservation charities call for public’s views on ‘catastrophic’ government policy" - Charity Times

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the National Trust have launched a joint campaign to improve public involvement in UK policy debates around nature.