People's Assembly for Nature- Third Weekend

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Sustaining People and Nature

14-15th January 2023, online

Building on the previous weekend, the discussion examines how we use the land, fresh water and sea to meet our basic needs, with a particular focus on food production. Assembly members look at how our diets impact nature both in the UK and beyond, examining the trade-offs between maximising food production, protecting/restoring nature, ensuring affordable food and sustaining livelihoods. Again, assembly members hear about work which is seeking to address these challenges, and will develop actions that would drive improvements at a much wider scale.

Assembly members also hear about another pressure we place on nature – our need for water – the impact this has on the environment and how we could better protect freshwater habitats and species.

To end the session, and to set the scene ahead of deliberations in the final weekend, the assembly focus on the economics underpinning all these issues. Members hear how we currently make financial decisions and the impact this has on nature, along with alternative models that might better account for what nature provides, and how potential recommendations/actions could be paid for in theory.

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