What happens during the People's Assembly for Nature?

The People's Assembly for Nature runs across four weekends between November 2022 and February 2023. Scroll to see the timeline to find out when each session is happening and what themes will be covered.



- First weekend

11 -13 November | Birmingham

Theme: What is nature and why protect it?

On Friday evening, participants will be introduced to the concept of how a Citizen’s Assembly works, what they can expect from the four weekends, and what will happen to the People’s Plan for Nature as a result of their time and commitment to the project. Assembly members will also spend time on the Friday evening and throughout the weekend getting to know each other and exploring the ideas shared through the National Conversation which was the first phase of the People’s Plan for Nature.

On Saturday, assembly members will hear an overview of nature - what it is and why it matters. They will discover the drivers behind biodiversity loss and how these have impacted nature in the UK. They will be introduced to the main ‘actors’ (e.g. Government, industry, NGOs) that the People’s Plan will create actions for, to understand who is responsible for addressing nature loss and how/why.

On Sunday, assembly members will hear about long-time thinking to help introduce the concept of environmental stewardship for generations to come and they will listen to an overview of the toolbox of solutions we have to solve the nature crisis.  Finally, fairness, equity, and a just transition will be discussed to ensure that assembly members consider the impacts and consequences of their choices on people and livelihoods in the coming weeks.

- Second weekend

3 - 4 December | Online 

Theme: ‘Protecting and restoring nature'

Assembly members will build a picture of the historical, current and potential future extents of the UK’s habitats and species, and how these interface with human activity. They will further build an understanding of the primary drivers of nature loss, the present protection frameworks in place, and the efficacy of these. They will consider the role of our increased urbanisation and associated disconnection from nature. In addition to hearing about such challenges, assembly members will see the art of the possible through successful protection and restoration projects; they will consider how such efforts might be taken to scale in a fair and just way, with explicit consideration of the trade-offs at hand.

- Third weekend

14 - 15 January | Online

Theme: ‘Sustaining people and nature’

Building on the previous weekend, the discussion will deepen on how we use the land, fresh water and sea to meet our basic needs, with a particular focus on food production. Assembly members will look at how our diets impact nature both in the UK and beyond, examining the trade-offs between maximising food production, protecting/restoring nature, ensuring affordable food, and sustaining livelihoods. Again, assembly members will hear about work that is seeking to address these challenges and will develop actions that would drive improvements at a much wider scale

- Last weekend

- 5 February | Birmingham

The final weekend will be focused on deliberation and discussion – having received substantial amounts of detail and developed proposed actions, the assembly members will refine the final outputs for the People’s Plan for Nature.